Torben Piechenik

Stig Inga Bjornabey

David James David James

Tommy Coyne

Celebrity Home Rentals use their contacts to offer you the use of the holiday homes of different Celebrities.

Retired professional sports agent and relocation expert to former clients such as Dane "Torben Piechnik", (1992 euro champions winner) and Norwegian semi finalist international "Stig Inga Bjornebye" plus Irish international "Tommy Coyne" and personal renter to England goalkeeper "David James", offers a selection of private holiday homes throughout the Costa del Sol and Morocco.

The properties are managed by retired Essex county cricketer John Coster, under the direction of Paul Wheelan.
Formerly he became a patron of the Arther Koerstler foundation with such notaries as the distinguished Lord Ferrers, the charming Lady Ewert-Biggs and the courageous Terry Waite, under the chairmanship of the famous English artist, architect, interior designer, writer and broadcaster, Sir Hugh Casson.

For reasons of security and privacy we cannot give details which may identify the individual properties we offer.

We have a wide range of properties available, from luxury Villas to sumptious Apartments, situated throughout the Costa del Sol and catering for virtually any number of guests by combining available properties

Shortly to include a 2 stay city offer break on the Atlantic West coast 25 kilometres from Tangiers in Morocco at an ultra special place called Assilah. A family Riad as extra option. Travel by coach for approximately 32 euros.
Variety of options available

  1. Stay in Spain, minimum 7 nights
  2. Stay in Morocco, minimum 7 nights
  3. Stay in spread between both, minimum 3 / 4 nights.
  4. Three month long stay winter rental. Would suit older couples looking to avoid the northern European winter.

Full emergency health insurance included in Spain through Helicopters Sanitarios